“It’s when you have two notes that are dissonant and held out, and then the second note is lowered, resolving the chord,” I say with a proud smile. “Umm…Can you please speak English for the rest of our group?” This, coming from the choir director at my church. The grin faded into one of those “oops” faces. “Well I can try, but…I can’t explain it any more simply!”

That would be me. When it comes to music, I’m basically in love. Or obsessed. Or both. Ok, lots of people all over the world can say that. Actually, come to think of it, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love music. If you’re that one person theoretically waving at me and shouting, “Me! Me! I don’t love music!” then you can just stop reading. Right now. Just go.

Here’s what makes me different. I have this deep, inexplicable desire to understand music theory. I understand the circle of fifths, I read an entire book on how your brain processes music, I know what an augmented fourth interval is. So needless to say, when I start talking about music, I tend to use big words which, against my intentions, fly right over people’s heads. I guess most people don’t share the same love for music theory as I do. *sniffle*

Here’s a typical conversation between me and a random person about music:

  • Me: Have you heard that new song, [insert name of song here]?
  • Mr. I Don’t Care About Theory: Yeah, it’s awesome!
  • Me (rambling): I love how they change from four-four time to three-four time right before the chorus! Oh and when they use that suspension in the middle, the timbre of their voices makes it amazing!
  • Mr. I Don’t Care About Theory: What the heck are you talking about? I just like the pounding bass! *bobs his head up and down*
  • Me (thinking in my head): *sigh* There is no hope…

Ok, so that might be a teeny bit exaggerated. I’m not that extreme. But seriously, are there any other music theory lovers out there? Don’t be afraid to speak up. Sometimes knowing too much embarrasses me, because no one else seems to understand what I’m saying which makes me look dumb or crazy. However, I’m still proud of all my musical knowledge. I mean, I’m not totally crazy; I just happen to deeply love lots of types of music and understand how the songs work. That doesn’t make me a nerd does it? It does? Oh well, takes one to know one. (Ha! Gotcha!)

Enjoy your day and make sure to listen to some awesome music! (Even if you can’t tell me what key it’s in).

“Music is what feelings sound like.”