With semester exams being over, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands. (That’s such a strange expression, don’t you think? Like, “Excuse me while I go wash this time off my hands…”) Well anyway, I have decided to start one of those photo challenges that currently seem to be somewhat of a trend. Now, I’m no skilled photographer, nor do I have a fancy camera, nor do I have the opportunity to take lots of cool pictures of things. Therefore, I will be putting my own spin on this challenge by using only pictures I’ve pinned on Pinterest. To start off day one, which is a self portrait, here is a picture of what I imagine myself to look like in the mornings (rather than an actual picture of myself. Because I find that somewhat unnecessary). Enjoy! 🙂Grumpy Cats favorite musical: Le Miserable

This picture originally comes from iwastesomuchtime.com.