It’s spirit week at my school. And you know what that means! Pep rallies! And you know who doesn’t have any “pep”? That’s right, me! I’m just not really that kind of person. I don’t get super crazy obsessive or super hyper and excited about things. Especially not school. I mean my school’s good and all, but 90% of the time I don’t wanna be there. Why would I be enthusiastic about that? Ok, I’m glad to be supporting an awesome cause but I will not act like an insane person in order to do so. Hopefully some of my fellow introverts understand.
But maybe you’re like some of my extroverted friends, who love to scream and shout and be in silly contests. Or maybe you like to go all out when you dress up and show off in front of the whole school. Maybe you just enjoy being obnoxious, I don’t know.
Basically, here’s what happened Monday, from my point of view. I had to be pushed into the gym, which smelled like sweaty people. Dubstep was playing so loud I had to shout just to hear my own thoughts. It was so hot I thought I was going to evaporate. I finally found a place to stand with my boyfriend after being squished for 5 minutes in the middle of people I don’t even know. (gross!)
“I’m pretty sure I’d rather relive getting my braces put on than be here right now,” I said, definitely not sarcastically. “That’s harsh,” he replied. “It’s the truth!” I shouted because everyone around me started screaming their heads off for no apparent reason. He squeezed my hand and I stood there, counting down the minutes until it was over.
The rest of the 20 million years we were in there (just kidding it was probably half an hour. But then again I have no sense of time. So maybe it was that many years) was filled with blaring dubstep, screaming and chanting teenagers, masses of people crowding me, and…cheerleaders. I believe I’ve said enough.
When it was over I got out as quickly as I possibly could and I ran to the lunchroom to quietly eat a wonderful lunch by myself.
Actually, I just followed the crowd, went to the obnoxiously noisy cafeteria and gulped down my lunch in the 15 minutes we had.
So there you go. This week has been more than a little crazy so far, but at least the worst of it is over for me! I’m staying positive through it all, so if you’re out there facing a similar dilemma, stay strong! Pep rallies won’t kill you! (Unless of course you get trampled. But that’s not gonna happen to you.)
I hope you enjoyed reading this! If you have any funny pep rally or spirit week stories you’d like to share, please comment, I’d love to know!