I have recently fallen in love with yoga, so the other week I decided to go out of my comfort zone and try hot yoga with my friend. She had gone several times before, and convinced me I’d love it. You know, 95 degrees, yoga, and sweaty people all around me, what could be more fun? Putting it that way doesn’t make it appear very appealing, but I figured it would be a good workout with a good friend. What could go wrong?

Well, knowing me, and how awkward I am, I should have known better. I got to the studio and registered, and then my friend and I found two spots next to each other up in the very front of the room. Awesome, now everyone can watch me stand in unusual positions, and laugh when I do them wrong! I had to get over that anxiety though, because a new issue hit me pretty quickly. It was 95 degrees in that room, which just happened to be filled with approximately fifty people. Time to get hot! The lesson started, and I was really enjoying myself, until several minutes in, when I saw a drop of sweat drip onto my mat.

“Ewwww,” I though to myself. “Where did that come from?” I wondered. Then I felt my arms. Oh dang, it was totally me. I was dripping sweat. Then I looked over at my friend, finding her to be in the same predicament. I let out a sigh of relief. I should have just stopped there, but I decided to look over at the person beside me, just to reassure myself that everyone else was indeed sweating as much as I was. Yet unfortunately, I was wrong. The large, tattooed man to my left was even worse. I decided to look away, even though I knew that image would stay in my brain for a good long time.

Moving right along, we began a position where our legs and arms were crossed, and we had to stand on one leg. Now normally I’m good at this, since I have a decent sense of balance. But that was not the case! I had made the unfortunate mistake of putting lotion on before coming. It came to my attention that slippery legs and awkward yoga positions don’t mix for me, because every time I stood on one leg, the other slipped and down I went! I hope I was at least a source of amusement for the people behind me. If you were there, you’re welcome.

My last really awkward moment of the night was during one of the last stretches we did. Everyone faced sideways, legs apart, and bent forward to touch the ground. that meant someone’s butt was in your face.And guess where mine was? You’re right! In front of the aforementioned sweaty guy. And of course, he leaned over a little too far, and being a girl I freaked. 

“Agh!” I shot up and turned around. “Oh I’m so sorry!” He seemed genuinely apologetic, so I told him not to worry about it. However, my level of embarrassment did not decrease. I tried to keep my distance from then on.

Luckily I finished out the evening with minimal awkward moments, and enjoyed the relaxing time with my friend. We laughed about everything that happened, and now I can tell this story without turning red. After that episode, I think I can handle my awkwardness pretty well! If you ever want to try hot yoga (and I highly recommend it) I suggest not wearing lotion, putting your mat in the back, and sitting between two friends. Trust me, random touches from random people in random places is not as fun as it sounds.

So there you go. I think that can be officially deemed a cloud eight and a half kind of day. I hope I made you laugh! Let me know what you think in a comment or by a simple like (because I know that’s easier). 🙂