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Monthly Archives: March 2013

I bet you’re thinking, oh no! She’s writing a romance now! Or maybe you’re like, ugh, I don’t want to read about her boyfriend. Well you’re in good company! If I were you, I would definitely rather not read about that either. I’m here to talk about my love of…wait for it…*suspenseful background music*…my cat!
So maybe you saw that coming. In that case, I applaud your intelligence and apologize for my predictability. But seeing as I’m on the edge of being one of the crazy cat people, and that’s part of what makes me who I am, and that’s the kind of thing I talk about on this blog, I felt it was necessary to bring up this topic.
I actually have two cats. Recently I have come to accept the fact that I love Whiskers more than Muffin. Part of that may be because Whiskers is nicer to me than Muffin is. But mostly, it’s because I’ve always loved Whiskers more, and always will. He and I share a special bond.
Let me describe him to you. Think of the fattest cat you can imagine, within the realm of reality. Then cut it in half. (Not literally, because that would be bad. Cutting cats in half is not acceptable under any circumstances.) Once you have the right size cat in mind, imagine him with an extremely short tail. Then give him black and brown fur with a white belly. Got it? Good, because that’s him!
I love him so much because he sleeps on the end of my bed every single night, and when I cry, he comes over and lets me hug him, even though he probably hates that. He doesn’t even bite me! He doesn’t ignore me when I talk to him. And most importantly, he’s super warm and fluffy. I mean, who couldn’t love a soft fluffy cat keeping your toes warm at night? That’s right, no one!
Hopefully now you understand my love for my cat. If not, you’re missing out. I’m quite certain that I have the only cat in the entire world that isn’t constantly plotting to kill me. He leaves that to my other cat, Muffin. She does everything she can to spy on me. Who knew a cat would put up with running water on her back just to stay near me? She runs after me and sneaks into my room at night. Oh yeah, I know what she’s doing. She’s stalking me so she can attack at the perfect time. Good thing I have Whiskers protecting me! But if this is my last post, you’ll know what happened to me!



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