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You may not know this about me, but I consider myself a pretty introverted person. I’m not into thrilling, scary, crowded, or loud things. Put them all together, and it’s like my worst nightmare. And yet for some reason, over my spring break when my boyfriend invited me to Carowinds, the little voice in my head told me I should go. It convinced me that it would be really fun, so that last Friday I found myself on the way to the big amusement park.
My first thought when we arrived was oh no. What have I gotten myself into this time? I couldn’t keep my eyes off the humongous structures, the twists and turns, the terrifying drops… It was too much to take in! And yet something inside me told me I would love it. The rest of me was about to explode.
Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t my first time riding a roller coaster. I rode Space Mountain at Disney world a year ago, but that was in the dark. You can’t build up suspense and anxiety when you don’t know what’s coming, you just have to go with it. This time I had plenty of time to freak myself out for what lay ahead. So of course, that’s exactly what I did.
My boyfriend and his sister decided to take me on The Intimidator first. Not to be cheesy, but I was pretty darn intimidated by this thing. It took about 50 years before we got into our seats and were strapped in. “It’s fine, I promise. You’ll be fine,” my boyfriend kept telling me. “No, I’m gonna die,” was always my response. That’s logical, right? At the time it was.
The ride started moving and after another 50 years of riding up to the first drop (during which time I imagined myself falling out, or screaming my voice away) we were off. Did i mention we were in the first row? I’m pretty sure I was making the most awkward face ever at this point. (The photo at the end confirmed that.) I was trying to scream, but my voice decided not to work at the moment, so all I could do was squeak out something, which thinking back, probably sounded hilarious! We were going at what I approximated to be 2000 mph, making me pretty sure I had been smashed into a pancake; so much wind was in my face that I didn’t know what to do with it. I thought I was gonna die any second.
And then finally, the terror ended. I finally breathed. “That was the scariest thing I have ever done in my life,” I told my boyfriend. He laughed and hugged me. “It was pretty awesome though, right?” He smiled. I thought back. “Um, well…I guess. But it was still the scariest thing I’ve ever done, ever.”
We continued riding different roller coasters throughout the day, totaling 8 different ones, and 12 rides total. After my second ride, I started falling in love. How is that possible, you may ask. Let me tell you.
I have absolutely no idea. Some things in life will remain a mystery.
There is one thing I learned though. You can definitely be a “noob” at riding these things. I was awkward and clumsy when strapping myself in, not to mention getting in and out. I always had that “I’m definitely terrified” look on my face. I couldn’t lift up my hands, as they were in a death grip on the bars the entire time.
What really gave me away was when we went on “Vortex”. This one required you standing up. I stepped on the ride, and tried to get on the little seat thing that went between your legs, until I realized my feet wouldn’t touch the ground. (For you twitter fans, #shortgirlprobz). It took me a while to figure out you had to push the seat down, so I tried, very unsuccessfully. The person before was in my opinion, unnaturally tall. And apparently, I’m not as strong as I thought. My boyfriend pushed it down for me, but not quite enough, because once the ride started, unless I stood on tiptoes, I got a serious wedgie. Which is not the most comfortable thing in the world, for those of you who are lucky enough not to know.
The second time around was better, and by the end of the day I was having a wonderful time. Turns out the voice in my head telling me I’d have fun was right, because that day ended up being one of the best days ever for me. The moral of this story is, it’s important to try something new and absolutely terrifying every once in a while. You might end up loving it, even if you’re super awkward about it at first. Don’t let that stop you! Just remember that I probably would be more awkward than you.
So, I hope this made you laugh as you pictured my (almost) first experience with roller coasters. Let me know what you think in the comments, or simply like it (if you get lazy like me). You can check out my other posts, which would make me very happy! Also, if you’ve never been to Carowinds but would like to see what I was talking about, you can go to their website and watch a point of view video of The Intimidator (so you can see what I went through!) Enjoy! 🙂



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