We all have that friend who can’t seem to find her way around anywhere. Everyone constantly has to reiterate, “It’s just down the hall and to your right, remember?” Or “Just take a left after Target and it’s there. You can’t miss it.” They nod their head accordingly, and yet you know they still have no idea what they’re doing. Everyone has that friend. And then some of us, unfortunately, are that friend.

I am horrible when it comes to directions. Giving them out is a constant challenge, and if anyone tries to explain how to get somewhere, whether it be in their house or across town, I always second guess myself and end up missing a step. I have to give myself credit though, learning to drive has improved my directional skills by a long shot. I can find my way around just about anywhere when I’m familiar with the area, but put me in a place I’ve never seen before, and I might not ever make it out.

This always proves to be a problem when I’m trying to find a friend’s house for the first time. Especially if they live in an apartment complex. There’s a reason it’s called a complex. What’s worse is finding my way back home. You know, if it wasn’t for the GPS, I may still be driving around somewhere, lost to this day. Unfortunately though, a GPS isn’t always the best solution.

I tried out for a singing contest not too long ago, held at one of the many high schools in my district. Of course I’d heard of the school before, but it was located across town from where I lived. No worries! I’d plug in my iPhone, start Google maps, and it would get me there in no time.

How wrong I was.

First of all, the school’s address was for the frontage road. But where did Google maps lead me? No, not onto the frontage road. I got off the interstate and ended up in a little neighborhood area with streets as wide as a blade of grass and no school in sight. “You have arrived at your destination,” my iPhone spoke, oozing confidence. Like heck I was! I had no idea what I’d gotten myself into. What made things even better was the practically nonexistent signal my phone was receiving. After noticing this, I started to freak out. I drove around the back streets and made turns onto barren roads until finally I decided to give up and go home. But how could I do that if the GPS told me I wasn’t even on a real road?? Luckily I kept my cool long enough to find the school (only a few panic attacks had ensued). I made it through the audition, albeit slightly winded from hyperventilating out of fear, and after struggling once again with my incredibly helpful GPS, I found myself back on the highway and eventually back home.

It may seem that there is no moral to this story. Maybe not. All I’m trying to say is, sometimes we all get lost. Hopefully you’re not like me, and you were blessed with an innate sense of direction. If that’s the case, I applaud you. But for all of my readers who are directional-ly challenged as I am, I feel your pain. You’re gonna get lost, and it might be extremely embarrassing. Stay calm and have your best friend on speed-dial just in case: you’ll get through it, and you will have braved an important learning experience (especially if you can laugh at yourself afterwards). That’s a money-back guarantee. 😉